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International Derakhshesh Electric

Reference and measurement equipment and industrial automation at the Iranian industrial power market with more than 50 years of experience and experience in the electricity industry and supply and distribution of industrial power equipment, automation and training tools with the use of expertise, advice and training to develop the user interface of the devices and interact more with the consumer and expertise, and you can also contact the range of communication channels to purchase and support products.

The International Derakhshesh Electric Company began operating officially on December 14, 2015 with a view to advancing imports and trade, specialized selling of products and equipment of measuring and electric power, raising the academic level and training and how to use, as well as consulting customers prior to purchase and quality support from products.

The electric glow using the young force and expertise in various fields is trying to maximize the satisfaction and supply of the market more than ever.

درخشش الکتریک

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