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Now we have representatives in all parts of Iran, but for mutual activities and cooperation with us, you can communicate with us or complete the agency form within the site so that our experts can contact you as soon as possible. Fill this form will serve as confirmation of your identity and the first step to create a platform to get the agency. Use the link completion link to complete the data registration form.

Our Activities

Derakhshesh electric With the purpose of better interaction with the consumer, you will need to create more productive courses and workshops with you for all your products. We designed guide files and guide catalogs, which you can use to use for products, as well as we prepared for you the operation of all devices in visual files.

About US

Reference equipment for testing and industrial automation at the Iranian industrial power market , With over 50 years of experience and experience in the electricity industry and supply and distribution of industrial power equipment, automation and precision tools of measurement today using professional expertise and young force with support, advice and training following the development of user interface and

Our Products

Foreign and internal trade

Foreign and foreign trade sector, which is concerned with foreign countries to improve the quality of products and domains.

Consulting and consultation

advise all products for more accurate selection and advice and support for proper use of products.


brainstorming in the range of commodities that exist in our commodity basket due to consumer needs and consumer society.

Proper packing

The proper packing and packaging of each product with the manual and the software and the probes

Our customers


The pricing of day and discounts throughout the year for all clients.

Online order registration and purchase

Shopping products online at large stores such as Digikala and …

Post - selling services

Delivery of post - sale services for all products by the service unit after the sale of the international Derakhshesh Electric.

Free Consultation

To choose your product, ask for advice to help you.

Quick delivery

Get your custom products all over Iran at the lowest possible time.

Online Selection

Select the products with their specifications and record your selection online.
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Sales and expertise

Post - selling services



Design and promotion


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